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Hello, I'm
Ryan Thacker

Full Stack Developer

About Me

I am a Full Stack Developer based out of Dayton, Ohio.

I have a passion for developing user-friendly, well-designed, responsive and accessible web applications.

I'm always ready to challenge myself and explore new areas of work. I never stop learning and for me, each new project is another adventure.

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My Projects

Personal projects of mine, excludes any professional work.
You can check out my GitHub page for more.

Desktop image of the star wars index website


A verified discord bot currently in 100+ servers. It allows users to simulate a government by voting on roles, creating or repealing laws and much more. Developed using Node.js, Discord.js API, MongoDB, Mongoose and deployed on Heroku.

Desktop image of the star wars index website

Map to IP

A search engine that uses the IP Geolocation API to provide information on an IP address or a domain name. Along with providing a visual and interactive map using LeafletJS, and Mapbox.

Desktop image of the utask website


A responsive task management app that utilizes local storage allowing users to create or delete tasks and lists. Users can also filter through tasks by selecting all, completed, or uncompleted.

Desktop image of the star wars index website

Star Wars: Index

An extensive visual database of Star Wars lore that includes films, characters, starships, vehicles, species, and planets. Based on the deprecated SWAPI API.

My Skills

A quick overview of my main technical skill sets and technologies I use





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